Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Prime Regent Pitch Follow-up

It's been over a week since I pitched The Prime Regent to an agent during the ANWA conference. The response wasn't quite what I had hoped for, but the agent asked me to send a few pages. So while she didn't fling the door wide open, she didn't slam it shut, either.

There are some serious problems with this book that my beta readers all pointed to, but those start around page 70. Fortunately, I think the first ten pages are in great shape. So maybe it's a good thing she only asked for the first 10. That gives me time to fix the issues, in case she loves my writing and requests the full manuscript.

And even if  she doesn't ask for a full, there's another agent who did, although it's been nearly 18 months and I probably missed that train. 

In any case, fixing these issues will help me grow as a writer, and hopefully avoid these problems in the future. 

In the meantime, the pages and pitch and synopsis have been sent, and I have the next month's writing work cut out for me. 

Stay tuned.

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