Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hawaii Trip!

Since Bumpy Landings is set in my hometown of La’ie, Hawai’i, I wanted to do a release there as well. Any excuse to go home, after all.

I spoke to English classes at my alma matters, Kahuku High School and BYU-Hawaii. I also met up with fellow Cedar Fort author and Big Island resident Susan Corpany Curtis. We did a signing at the BYU-Hawaii Bookstore and the Kahuku Library.

Some friends of mine formed the musical group Vaihi, and I used their song Ananahi as the background music for my book trailers. I had a great time going to their performance down in Waikiki.

And while I was there, I did a ton of research for my next book, Into The Wind. I especially enjoyed seeing back stage at the Polynesian Cultural Center, and several pivotal scenes are set there.

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