Saturday, August 8, 2015


I feel like this is the right time to do a reboot; to make some changes in my life that have needed to be made for a long time. Call it a midlife transition.

These changes are large and small. A few are private, but many I’m willing to share, and this is where I'll be reporting my progress.

Some of the most significant changes are coming to my writing career. No, I'm not going full time. I happen to love my day job, and it will be many, many years before I have the experience and income needed to make writing my sole profession.

But I am making the changes that will help me get there eventually.

First step: I have parted ways with my publisher. This means my next book will be self-published. It also means I am free to pursue an agent and the national market for the book after that. I'll write future posts about those books, as well as the impact of these decisions and how I made them.

For now, I am drawing from the Delusion Tree to give me the courage I need to move forward into a fairly daunting future.

Hang on. It's going to be an amazing ride!

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